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Thanks Comcast

Lovely uptime I've got going on here:

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In the age of twitter no one’s a writer

I've been having trouble keeping tarpification current (this being the first post in almost a month). At first I thought it was because I didn't have time to write something every other day or so. Then I thought it was because I didn't have anything to say (which we all know isn't true). Finally I realized what it is...in the age of Facebook and Twitter, why write something lenghty (and this example is completely hypothetical) about the issue of the day (say Rick Perry and his callousness towards executions) instead of retweeting some pithy comment from a journalist that I follow?

The answer is, writing is hard and takes time. You have to logically order complex thoughts into a coherent whole where as making a quick FB or tweet takes almost no time and requires almost no thought. And there's the problem. Twitter and Facebook have finally done what each proceeding communication method was accused of fostering, the decline of the written word.

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What is it about the internet that brings out the pitchforkes and torches?

I was reading an article about how a mother had thrown her baby from the roof of a hospital when I got down to the comments at the botton. They were filled with literal bloodlust:

  • "Some needs To Put this Bit*h On Fire (literally) then slice her body parts one by one."
  • "I say horse whip her how sad."
  • "This chick needs to be dropped off a bridge and see how she likes it!"

While I get abject revulsion at the act (I tried to imagine what would cause me to do that and I just ended up shuddering uncontroably), I was shocked at how openly people (using their Facebook accounts, and hence their real name) were calling for vengance and retribution. What is it, I wonder, about the internet that calls out the base emotions in all of us, egging us onto the lynch mob.

Whatever it is, it's disturbing.

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Trying out geotagging

Let's see what the iPhone WP app's geotagging looks like.

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Back to the iPhone

Well after a six month experiment, I've given up on Android and have gone back to iOS with a Verizon iPhone 4.

Going back is like riding a bike, takes just a minute to remember everything. The only thing I miss from Android is the back button; I keep trying to press the home button on the iPhone to go back.

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Individual Store’s Twitter Accounts Make the Baby Jesus Cry

Need I honestly say anymore?


Trying out the Android WP app

Seems to be quite useful actually!

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Reflections on 6 months on Android

I'm overall unhappy with my experience; each part/app works (just) OK by itself but the whole is less than the sum of its parts. By contrast the iPhone just worked...it's trite to say this about Apple products, but it's just true.

More that that, what good is being able to get a gadget or widget that can do anything if it doesn't work well with the whole phone?

So with that, the things I would want out of Android include

  • Better iTunes sync (I'd prefer to do it in iTunes itself)
  • Nested playlists
  • A truly integrated media and podcast player.
  • Reasonable GPS lock time
  • A spacebar that is more than just 1/4 of the bottom row.
All that being said, I'm moving to the iPhone 5 as soon as I can.

Thanks Comcast!

Lovely uptime I had in July...good thing I had them re-drop my house!

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Insert Imperial Theme Here

As seen in Window's Update for Update for Windows 7 (KB976902):

"Install this update to enable future updates to install successfully on all editions of Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2. This update may be required before selected future updates can be installed. After you install this item, it cannot be removed."

Really, MSFT? Really?