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George Dickel Cascade Hollow: Like drinking water

For this week in Nashville, I got a bottle of George Dickel Cascade Hollow (cask-strength) to test drive this week.

Tasting notes: No harsh smell, no harsh taste, incredibly mild aftertaste. Basically it's like drinking 1 part bourbon to 10 parts water. But it does have a kick, I definately felt woozy after the first drink.

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  1. This Cascade Hollow Recipe Batch was a temporary replacement for the Old No. 8 Brand, which was in short supply in 2006 and 2007 due to a distillery shutdown. As I understand it, it is essentially the same type of whisky, except that it was only aged 3 years as opposed to the 5-to-8 Old No. 8 typically is. Once Old No. 8 became available again in 2008, this brand was phased out, but it can still be found in stock in a few shops. I’m tempted to try it just to experience this page in Dickel history.

  2. For Pete Sake man if you’re going to make a statement about Cascade Hollow, get the picture of the bottle right. The bottle is a #8 black label. The sour mash you are reviewing has a red label. Anyway, the CH is really good stuff and the price is really great. If I understand this correctly, the 8 production was turned off and the CW was fired up to fill in. In my taste view, its just as good or better than the 8 and clearly has more taste than the 12. Its a cheap risk… get some.

  3. Dan O’Sullivan is mistaken. That bottle is not the #8, it is the limited run of Cascade Batch Hollow. It was the replacement for Cascade Hollow for a few years. I actually opened one of the last bottles of it I own today and it prompted me to search for reviews by fellow Whisk(e)y Gentlemen. I am still shocked that this cheap 3-year replacement held so strong against far pricier and reputable competitors. Kudos to the George Dickel distillery, this bottle is a treat on this July 4th holiday!

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