MediEvil Reboot: a review

One of my all-time favorite games of all time, was SCE Cambridge’s MediEvil, released, on disc, in 1998. I remember the release vividly, because I was hosting my Irish ex-roommate, Mark and his then girlfriend (now wife), Karen for a quick holiday in Chicago. I had been really stoked about this game, the ads and […]

White Mage

Just recently, I came back to Final Fantasy XIV. I decided to start over, and I chose to play as a Conjurer, and eventually became a White Mage.   I’ve never played healer before (my original FFXIF character is a black mage, so I was very comfortable with the DPS role), and found that once […]

Samurai Jack: My review

Overall, If you’ve played any of the Kingdom Hearts games, the gameplay for Samurai Jack will seem very familiar, the combat mechanics and character leveling are almost the exact same. The tenor of the game is more in the first four seasons (light and airy) and not of the last, much darker, season, even though […]

No Man’s Sky: Just Awful

I finally got around to trying out of the PS5 optimized update for No Man’s Sky, to see what the buzz was all about for the updated game, as well as to see what a PS5 optimized game looked like. Overall, my impression, of the game was very negative, and I quickly deleted from my […]

The PS5 debacle

The disastrous roll-out of the next gen consoles continues unabated. Scalpers still appear to be in the control of most of the inventory. Scalpers have always been an issue when new consoles appear (or even with any hot consumer product, remember the Christmas when Cabbage Patch Kids came out), but the problem is particularly problematic […]

Unboxing the PS5

Note: I gave in to lust and ordered a PS5 off StockX, so yes, I am exactly what’s wrong with the aftermarket. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering, with nice curves. It’s a little bigger than I was expecting, with a size and heft equivalent to the old battleaxe, the PS3. Setup was very easy; […]

Dex on gaming

Like being a Jedi, being a gamer runs in my family. Dex is an avid gamer, and we spent some time this week to over how he perceives gaming, what he likes about the gaming universe, where he sees issues, what his biggest pet peeves are in gaming, and finally, we’ll take a look at […]

My Games

This post will talk about the games that stand out in my journey as a gamer. Childhood games I don’t think I’d be here if it wasn’t being able to play around Logo in the computer lab, after I completed the in-class assignment. I learned rudimentary coding skills trying to get the Turtle to bend […]