Hawkmoon: Stalk thy prey and let loose thy talons upon the Darkness

Hawkmoon, more than any other exotic handgun was the OP bastard of them all (and, yes, I’m completely including Thorn in this comparison). Whether it dropped from an exotic chest, an activity, or even Xûr selling it, joys of delight were heard throughout the Destiny universe.

Two things led to the crazed popularity of this gun, the first was the sheer beauty of the gun…that chrome…that etching…the feel of it in your hand…all of those contributed to a singular look for a weapon. I never cared for the Carrion ornament, but god wasn’t Moonglow one sexy look?

The other was the sweet, sweet perks it had. Its exotic perk, Holding Aces, dealt considerable, Bungie’s own words, more damage for two rounds in the chamber, paired with Luck in the Chamber dealing “considerably” more damage, you had 3 of 11 rounds dealing just a punishing level of pain.

Destiny 2 reworked the added damage in a way that, to be polite, has raised the ire of the player base, no longer would three rounds in the chamber deliver increased damage, but only the last, and that was based on a stacked buff. Paracasual Shot is a buff you would get for finishing shots, as well as crit shots. However, Bungie sweetened the pie a little bit as you would hear a hawk scream on the second to last round. Overall, I think we need to give it more time on the new model before we call it a complete cockup.

The new exotic quest in Destiny 2 to unlock Hawkmoon is looong and requires a considerable amount of grinding either champions or dipping into PVP. I won’t lie, I found the quest burdensome enough that I went ahead, and for the first time ever, paid a Sherpa to finish the quest for me.

And after all that you still have to farm the Hawkmoon Catalyst once it becomes available to fully unlock your gun. Eh, that gets a warm, firm, meh.

With all that, how does the damn gun play?!?!?!!?

Just like with the original Hawkmoon, it’s beautiful in-game, it “feels” solid, sounds even better, and is just a punisher if you can crack the Paracasual shots buffs. I’m going to give it a try in Crucible as soon as my Sherpa finishes my catalyst grinding…yeah, yeah, I know, it’s cheating!

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