MediEvil Reboot: a review

One of my all-time favorite games of all time, was SCE Cambridge’s MediEvil, released, on disc, in 1998. I remember the release vividly, because I was hosting my Irish ex-roommate, Mark and his then girlfriend (now wife), Karen for a quick holiday in Chicago. I had been really stoked about this game, the ads and reviews were great, and I ended up buying the game at the Water Tower Sony Store, which is no longer there. It was a great rollicking horror game, with a biting sense of humor.

Cut to 2019, and Other Ocean Emeryville, remade the game on a more modern platform. One of the hardest levels, even in the original, was Pools of the Ancient Dead, which had dying potential from all the open water on the level, now it’s just insanely impossible to complete, because the ax throwers that inhabit the suits of armor are impossible to kill without losing buckets of health. This was like the Pumpkin King level; in the reboot you have to kill the Pumpkin King three separate times (were they taking notes from you, Bungie?), and no real health replenishment. I was hoping to clean this off my PS5 to-do list for this week, but I tried it out last night, and it’s still impossible. I may never get to see Zardok the way things are going.

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