White Mage

Just recently, I came back to Final Fantasy XIV. I decided to start over, and I chose to play as a Conjurer, and eventually became a White Mage.  

I’ve never played healer before (my original FFXIF character is a black mage, so I was very comfortable with the DPS role), and found that once I hit level 60, it wasn’t as simply spamming cure spells. I have to now pay attention to AOE heals, regens, and using the Lily job aide to fully restore one target member’s HP. This has caused me to tinker with my hot bars to have a dungeon specific hot bar setup and the regular hot bar (which consists of my offensive spells, as well as what I need for my Chocobo and teleports. I’ve found that r/FFXiv to be a great help where various WHM show their hotbar setups.  

One of my biggest annoyances, regardless of level, is in a dungeon, when the tank will pull a whole room at once, and by the time I can get to the tank, she’s almost likely at Death’s door, and before I can get her HP back up, she’s dead and needs a raise (which takes a relative eternity at 6s), So I’ll need to Surecast myself and then bag a raise out before the two DPS are in dire straits. 

A pet peeve of mine right now is the WHM job aide (the lily) Job aids. I’ve tried to get the lily to be in the minimal setup, but no fiddling out with the HUD options will do that, so I’ve had to relegate the lily to be on the top of the screen, so I can see when I can pop off an afflatus solace on the tank. This causes me to miss mechanical warnings. I’m currently stuck at the Great Gubal Library, trying to make it past the first boss, Demon Tone, because the Disclosure mechanic is hard to catch when you’re knee-deep in healing that overaggressive tank.

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